Are you starting or growing a holistic business online? Mindful Modern Nomads is a site dedicated to business building tips for holistic practitioners. Get marketing, branding and mindset tips to create a successful and fulfilling career online.

STOP undercharging and know that you are priceless.

 Brook Woolf and Fran Cresswell

START building a holistic business that is 100% unique to you and your strengths.

Are you starting or growing a holistic business online? Mindful Modern Nomads is a site dedicated to business building tips for holistic practitioners. Get marketing, branding, and mindset tips to create a successful and fulfilling career online.

We work together to create and launch a life-changing business that your heart and soul can get behind. Together, we make your gift, skill, and transformational knowledge accessible to people all over the world. 

And you'll have the collective wisdom of our female driven team of coaches and marketers, years of experience doing this in every niche and with a plethora of other clients working towards the same goals in an intimate one on one program.


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The Mindful Modern Nomad Coaching Process

An 8 Step System to Manifesting Soulmate Clients and Articulating Your Niche/Brand

  1. Getting to the Root of what has been holding you back and saying goodbye to it once and for all!

  2. Learning how to formulate your story and speak to your clients.

  3. Learning Social Media steps and how to directly and authentically connect with your future clients.

  4. Create an immediate system to generate consistent new clients that come to you without rebuilding everything.

  5. Create Stunning and inviting websites that lead people through a cohesive understanding of your process and transformation that you offer.

  6. A simple structure that will allow you to serve your clients in just a few hours per week, working remotely from anywhere in the world – your bedroom, office, or on a beach.

  7. How to take a prospect from ‘click to client’ in less than 24-48 hours, even if you’re charging $3,000 or more.

  8. How to do all of this while making the world a better place!!



 Brook Woolf and Fran Cresswell

Are you accepting clients you do not vibe with because you are more focused on making money for bills? Do you have many clients that feel draining and tiring and always come with baggage?

What if you could have a solid income from your business and your confidence at an all time high. What if you were fearlessly putting yourself out there or asking for money because you knew your self worth and you felt confident in your personal contribution?

What if you only worked with clients with whom you felt truly aligned and connected helping people to change themselves and change the world?  Clients regularly come to you knowing of the work you do and they know that your values and your missions align.


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Do you want to only work with soulmate clients?  Do you want to sign off every session with a genuine ‘I love you’?

It would be the heart of what a true successful holistic model of a business looks like, one that is providing you with the health and abundance to inspire the same vision for others.

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What our Clients Say...

"Brook came to me like a blessing down from the blue. Her intuition in her work is astounding. Throughout my six weeks with her, I was shown each blockage that stood between me and launching my career as a coach. Moreover, I was given all the tools and knowledge I needed to begin accessing clients from the moment I was ready. Most of all, it was clear that Brook believed in me, which helped me see beyond my own self-doubt and recognize my true worth. I will always see my time with her as a key milestone in my life."

Richard Ward, Reiki Facilitator, Creative Coach


"I met Brook in a community kitchen of a healing circle. I instantly recognized her confidence and ease and knew she would be the key to something big in my life. My intuition was spot on. Brook was easy to connect to and share about the blocks that have kept me out of the abundant and joyful life that I fully dreamed of. She is compassionate, wise, and full of raw real-ness. She showed me that I have always had access to my worth, power, and authenticity; I just needed to step into it fully. I truly believe I met her at a pivotal time in my life, where this nudge of hiring a business/life coach was key. I now feel as though I am living in my heaven. I feel confident in my gifts and abilities and have successfully created my own online platform for generating energetic exchange, healing, and transformation to share with others. I am eternally grateful.

Julie Brannen, Movement Therapist/Coach


"Working with Fran gave me some of the building blocks that were used to build my whole company. I feel very fortunate to have mer her right from my business' get-go. I Love working with Fran. She's got a great vibe, the right mix of professional and direct without feeling too intense. Other than enjoying the process, the results are second to none. The best result I had from working with Fran was being able to create an online presence almost instantly." "

Scott Riley, Causeway Living


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Feeling like a fraud?  Feeling like you are not walking the talk?

Do you understand that your work would be more valuable when you have more space to give to yourself?

What would it feel like to be deeply committed to carving out time for yourself and nurturing your personal and spiritual growth.


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Ready to create real and substantial change in your life? Book your free breakthrough call now


Why Mindful Modern Nomads is the BEST Coaching Program to help you FIND soulmate high paying clients.

Everything that we teach you we do ourselves and run a successful business out of this model.

We know that love is the catalyst which enables us to best show up in the world and we truly love everyone we work with in this program.

We have taken over 400k of schooling so you don’t have to make the same mistakes that we did AND you get to benefit from all the knowledge without spending even 2% of what we did!

We are dedicated to your success. It is our calling and we LOVE being a witness to YOUR SUCCESS. We ONLY work with clients that we believe can succeed within our program.

We also only work with 5 clients a month so that we can be completely 100% invested in your success and available whenever you need us. This is a hand-holding program to create effective results every-time.

There are no other programs like ours that have mindset, social media, and web-development for holistic businesses. Our outlook on marketing is as unique as you and your business.


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