Brook Woolf

 Brook Woolf and Fran Cresswell

Mindful Modern Nomad, Empowerment Coach, Emotional Body Mapping Coach/Teacher, LMT. 

Always knowing I wanted to make a positive impact on the world since my childhood. I wilfully started in the field of nonprofit management and founded a 3 story non-profit community center at 22 years of age. After seven years of art school and studying all around the world, I began in my own backyard of the west side of Chicago. Even though I was able to support 22 free/donation based programs, I felt stuck in an administrative role and not doing the work that was soul-fulfilling.  

I quickly began studying more bodywork and healing principles and modalities. I wanted to feel that true connection and be a witness to powerful transformations and not behind the desk or fundraising as it was happening. 

I can happily say that my dreams came true with both my mindset and strategic empowerment coaching and with my bodywork and emotional body mapping teaching. I feel I am finally fully able to be there every step of the way with my client's needs and be a witness to the process. I have been able to facilitate amazing body transformations, business transformations, and mindset transformations that have changed my clients' lives forever.

I am grateful to say that I have friendships and adore each one of my clients I have been able to facilitate as well. I finally found the passion that successfully drives me everyday. 

Through a structured system of facilitating clear and articulate training I am able to give a roadmap to get you where you are going versus taking the scary unknown and unmarked trail. 


  • Founded and Ran a 3 story Nonprofit with 22 programs, 5 partnership agencies and a 500k annual budget from starting at 22 years of age. 
  • Studied multiple religions, trained since childhood in multiple healing modalities such as; tarot, psychic development, NLP, hynotherapy, astral projection, and shamanic journeying. 
  • Lifestyle learner that has been in school for some training every year since age five or teaching/running a school ;) Essentially, obsessed with learning and constantly growing skills and gifts.
  • Built my own tiny home with my partner. 
  • Been artist of the year for sustainable art in Chicago. 
  • Lead hundreds of clients through transformations that allowed them to live a healthier and happier life. 
  • I have been credited by Van Jones as a leader in today's society of facilitators making positive changes in our world. 

Other Credentials: B.F.A., Yoga Teacher Trained, LMT, Ayurveda and Chinese Nutrition, 2000hours of Thai Massage, Osteothai, Chi Nei Tsang, Founder of Emotional Body Mapping.

 Brook Woolf and Fran Cresswell

Fran Cresswell

Mindful Modern Nomad, Website consultant, Photographer.

One of my earliest memories is of sitting in a school assembly aged 6 or 7, learning about the story of Nelson Mandela. I immediately knew that my life's work would be to make my mark on the world. I wanted to be a Human Rights Lawyer. My 4 years at University studying Criminology and Human Rights led to the realisation that I did not want to be up to my eyeballs in paperwork, and would rather work much more directly with people. My foundation Fashion Design degree was the beginning of my journey into photography and design.

It quickly became clear that I had to combine the intellectual and the creative in something that really helped people. After a few years of working in various roles in the charity sector – largely in Fundraising and Communications – it became all too clear that I would take off into the freelance world to use my broad range of my skills and create more freedom in my life.

I started off as a freelance photographer – much of my work was with yoga and meditation teachers – but soon ventured into website design after seeing the extent of the positive reaction my site would get from people. I still love to work with those in the holistic field as this community and way of life has been absolutely central to my own personal growth and transformation.

I now live a location independent lifestyle that is balanced, rich and fulfilling, and enables me to create real and substantial impact on the lives and businesses of all those I work with. I am grateful to say that I have deep connections with each and every one of my clients and I wake up every day in love with my life and my work.


  • Part of the team who fought and won a case against banning books in British prisons.
  • Worked with human rights and social justice charities across three continents. 
  • Founder of the Me Too project, which works to combat stigma on mental ill health and stimulate positive conversation.
  • Part of the runner up team of London Documentary Network's 'Doc in a Day' competition.
  • Founding member of London Real Academy's global personal and professional development network. 
  • Durham University award for most improved charitable fundraising totals.
  • Avid podcast listener (a few of my favourites being: London Real, Bliss & Grit and The Tim Ferriss Show) and bonafide information sponge.

Other Credentials: MSc, BA(Hons), TEFL, Certified Ecstatic Dance Facilitator.

Our Story

It was one magical sister circle when the two soul sisters met. Brook was hosting and Fran came into circle as though she had been there for years. Sharing and listening and growing the friendship sprawled through two full seasons of circle gatherings. Then came vegan dinners and luncheons and playtime got more fun. We watched as the night sky was filled with lanterns for Loi Kratong and from there the business began to take flight. Sisterhood became a profound strength and catalyst for a blossoming business. We both are aware that a successful business also means constant personal development.

The Holistic Business Program became our first program at attempting to showcase how balance in both mindset and business development creates ultimate success. It is just the beginning for us, but the path is long and the yin and yang of our duo helps facilitate an easy transition for many versions of holistic online business owners.

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